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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about the HELIX


Good question!

Have you ever noticed how fast things develop around us? Have you been aware of how quickly technology advances? Change happens quickly!

In this continually developing world, standing still means you could easily get left behind.

As long as you are happy to be left behind and possibly lose touch with the world around you - then stay in your comfort zone, and in no time you, your team or your business will be irrelevant and out of date.

The best way to stay aligned with what's happening around you is to seek out and develop your own purpose.

Why Us.png

No, it's not normal.

It is, however, common that people are not aware of their passions and as a result, they do not deliberately grow and develop them. 

Most people are passionate about something, but they do not make the effort to make it a sustainable income-generating activity.

Focusing on your passions will awaken things in you that you never knew existed, and it will open doors that you did not know were there. Isn't it time you invested in your passion? 

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For sure, yes!

Does every tool have a function? Yes.

People who ask this question often feel purposeless and without direction in life. They hope to find a reason for their existence. 

We won't find the meaning of life, because we must create it.  


The HELIX was designed to help the seekers of purpose to create meaning. Read that again. Now, join the website and start creating meaning in your life. 

Oh gosh, no!

The term "vision" was used by business coaches initially, but everyone, business owners and individuals alike, has an ideal future they dream about. The difference is when you have a dream you imagine the ideal future, but when you wake up and strive to make the dream happen - it's a vision!

Even if you don't approve of the word "vision," it is time to put pen to paper to properly plan out what you want for your future, and then action that plan. The HELIX is a great tool to help you do just that!


Well, I'm going to say - "You!"

Lol! But really, I do think you should join the website, especially if you want to close the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

Join the HELIX family if you want more from life than the regular eat, sleep and work routine.

If you're a leader, guiding a team to success, join us for inspiration, tools and tips.  

If you're a manager or you own a business, we have content that will benefit your continual improvement. 

If you feel the need to connect with purpose or you are looking for the meaning of life, then you are most certainly in the right place. 

It's a term used for the cycle of growth.

The ideal path of development is upward, but the process is a cycle that is made of; plan, do, check, and act. This cycle helps us make progress toward the success we want. 

Longevity, just because we do something for a long time, is not a guarantee of mastery or success. The only way we can be sure of success is if we put in the effort to continually improve our skills and raise our standards. 

Become part of the HELIX family today and take advantage of our spiral of continual improvement, a sure way to win. 



The best time to start is now. The danger of waiting until the "right time," is that there never is a right time to start. Life will always throw demands in our path that need our immediate attention. 

Personal and purpose development always suffers when our schedules are full, and then suddenly - it's too late - and our lives are over. 

Start now, join the HELIX family and make your purpose a priority in your life. 

Yes, and that's not negotiable!

Seriously, a plan to move forward is not optional, it is a necessity. 

Have you ever heard of people getting lost in the forest and then recalling stories of walking in circles?

It's a known fact that people lost in an area will walk in circles and eventually come to a point where they recognise and realise they have been chasing their tails.


I know you don't want to waste your time and efforts, but all you will do will be in vain as you circle your starting point without a plan.

Yes, I know planning takes time, but it will save you time and resources in the long run.

Join the HELIX family now to sort your plan and get into action. 


We do, sort of.

The HELIX is a result of twenty years of research spent counseling and guiding people to achieve goals, complete projects, start businesses and pursue purpose. We did all the hard work so that you don't have to. We provide the outline, you provide the content. 

With that said, your purpose will evolve and expand as you grow in capacity. Each day you will learn something new about yourself and your purpose, so there are no real shortcuts, only guidance. 

Join the HELIX Family today and get the guidance you need to get what you want. 

Of course you can, but...

Why reinvent the wheel? You are going to travel on a path taken by many, and learn from them.

The HELIX is a result of twenty years of research spent counselling and guiding people to achieve goals, complete projects, start businesses and pursue purpose. 

It offers a generic guide, checklists and recalibration to ensure you plan properly and then carry out your plan until you succeed. We provide the outline, you provide the content. 

Join today to take advantage of all that the HELIX has to offer you as you pursue progress. 


The unspoken reality of progress.

You have discovered a truth not often spoken about by those on the path to success - the never-ending learning.

The reality is that as you grow and become more capable, so your purpose expands. This expansion will require you to learn more, turning your pursuit of destiny into a cycle of learning, application and more learning.

The HELIX offers a path for your growth, to prevent you from relearning old lessons, and pointing to the way forward. 

Become a student of the HELIX and discover the art of working smarter. 

Possibly, but not likely

The HELIX offers you a tested guide to plan, develop and achieve your success. 

Is there a possibility of failure? Yes, and unfortunately these failures have their root cause in the user: People quit because they have lost interest in the process. People discover they have to take responsibility for their lives and run away or they realise the work uncovers old hurts they don't want to deal with.

People hang onto the familiarity of their suffering as a way to avoid achieving success. 

We have counsellors and mentors to assist you deal with anything that pops up in the way of your success, and if you want it - you will succeed.

Become part of the HELIX family today and discover the healing that doesn't take the pain away, but paves the path to victory.

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